torstai 13. tammikuuta 2011

How to convert Canon EOS 5D Mark II h264 mov to image sequence part 1

I was trying to make image sequence for voodoo camera tracker software for 3D compositing in Blender. I tried to find a way to do it in either Final Cut Pro or Compressor. So far no luck. However, great open source software comes into rescue fortunately.

First I tried using ffmpeg and it failed - apparently it only converted keyframes successfully and the frames between them were gray with only the changing part of the frame visible (and obviously it looked really bad). Then after that I tried using mplayer. It was more successful.

This line converted my movie into png sequence
mplayer MVI_2894.MOV -ao NULL -vo png

There are still problems:
- voodoo takes in tga sequence and now I have a png sequence
- there is a gamma problem, this video has different gamma than the image sequence that results - the image sequence has too high contrast.

I will try to continue with this quest but decided to type this short mention that what seems to be a good way to extract the image sequence out of the H264 HDSLR video.

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  1. I'm not sure I understand entirely what your intent is but if I am inferring correctly are you talking about using a series of 2D images to create a 3D model because I have been looking for a process that does this.

  2. Sorry I did not notice your comment before:
    - I am looking for synchronizing 3D computer graphics to a moving scene shot with camera so that the camera position is not fixed. For example crane, dolly, steadicam, handheld, and the 3D model follows the movements on the scene - that's the idea.

    This is the only way to do 3D graphics that integrate to the real scene so well that it looks real.